Do you offer "Beginner Classes"?

At this time, we do not offer beginner classes. If you have any reservations about trying a regular class, we recommend taking a private session first. Private sessions are a great way to get introduced to the Lagree fitness method and to get familiar with the Proformer. All private and semi-private sessions are scheduled through email. Simply fill out the form on the front page (or "Contact Us" page) and we will send you a schedule of times available. 


I have never done Pilates Plus, can I take a class or should I do a Private Session first?

Depending on your level of physical fitness or any limitations due to injuries, a private session may be best to evaluate your ability and to better introduce you to the Lagree Fitness method. But, with that being said, our classes are small by design which enables the instructor to ensure that even a new client is using correct form for maximum results and lessen the risk of injury.


How do I book a class?

Click "Sign Up" or "Click for Schedule", then either 1) click on the Sign Up/Wait List bubble next to the class time you desire or 2) click on the Retail tab in the upper right corner. Follow the prompts! It’s simple! You must make a purchase before you are able to book a class.


How often should I take class?

We highly encourage taking classes at least 3 times a week but never back to back. For those who can, every other day would be optimal. We highly discourage back to back classes because the muscles need a substantial rest period between workouts to recover and repair themselves. There are proven facts that you will see and feel benefits faster if you allow your body to rest between intense workouts, not to mention lessen the chances of injury.


How soon will I see changes?

You will feel the effects of the workout after the very first class, typically more the 2nd day after, and depending on your determination in class as well as your motivation to take class, you will start to see a significant change in about 4 weeks. With that being said, we are a piece of the puzzle when it comes to your fitness goals, you cannot out train a bad diet. Include us in an active lifestyle and healthy diet and you will be amazed.


I put myself on the Waitlist.  How does it work?

If a spot opens up more than 24 hours before class, you will automatically be added to that class and sent a confirmation email. BUT DO NOT DEPEND ON THAT EMAIL, as there are always spam problems, junk mail issues, and email server hiccups and crashes. Please log in and check your schedule to make sure you are enrolled!

This procedure protects you from being added to a class that you may no longer be able to attend, avoiding possible Late Cancel/No Show fees.

If you Reserve/Wait List yourself for more than one class in a day, or more than is ultimately allowed by your current package, you are responsible for the purchase of and any cancellation penalties for all classes that you reserve and get bumped into from the Wait Lists.


What should I bring to class?

  • A positive and motivated mindset! You must be mentally prepared to push the limitations of your body for 45 minutes.
  • Bring a towel as you will most likely sweat!
  • Bring bottled water. Water is also sold at some of our locations.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes that allow your muscles to stretch and your skin to “breathe”.
  • You must wear grip socks – no bare feet! Grip socks are available for purchase at studio for your convenience.
  • No cell phone use during classes. Please be respectful of others.
  • No strong perfumes or scented lotions as some students are allergic.
  • If you are about to renew, please bring your payment. Most of our clientele pay online using our automated system. Please understand that no classes can be confirmed if you’re not prepaid.
  • Children are not allowed. Due to safety concerns and to prevent distractions for our trainers and clients, we do not allow clients to bring their children during classes.
  • It is highly recommended that you eat a healthy meal about an hour before class. Because of the intensity of our workout, your body needs clean fuel to perform it's best!


What if I have to cancel class less than 8 hours before class time, will I be charged?

Yes, even if it’s your first time.

We absolutely require an 8-hour notice before making any kind of changes to your schedule. The same rules apply to all purchases, including Books of Classes, Limited/Unlimited Packages, and Specials. Cancel at least 8 hours before scheduled class time through the online system to avoid the automatic Late Cancel fee of $10. If you do not cancel nor attend your class, an automatic No Show fee of $10 will be incurred, and your class will be forfeited. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please cancel your class using your app or our website. Do not call the studio to cancel.

ALL monthly memberships (including the New Member Special) are charged late cancellation/no show fee of $10 and a'la cart purchases forfeit the class.


I still have questions/comments.  What’s the best way to contact Pilates Plus?

The best way to reach us is via email by filling out the form either on the Home page or on the Contact Us page or email us directly at info@pilatespluscovington.com

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